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This special evening is dedicated to treasured friends in the civilian and military community for their generous contributions and support of the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee. As a result of this generosity, in 2018, the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee raised $472,265.00 for the Society.

Donation Levels and Benefits

Click the above link to view the Donation Levels and Benefits

Order of Merit Pledge

The Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee invites you to join the Order of Merit.The Order of Merit consists of the friends of the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee whose generosity has made the success of our events possible.

Corporate Suite Purchase
Suite Amenities
Enhancement Sponsorship Form

Corporate Overview (PowerPoint)
**See what fun you will have!**

Corporations and or individuals must have made a minimum donation of $500 to the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee to be offered the opportunity to purchase a suite or suites at the Gala. Click the link above for more details!


Giving Back Just Got More Transparent.

It’s as simple as it is powerful. The more people we have giving, the more lives we can impact. If you choose to give to the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee (NMCBC), your donations will go directly to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society at the close of our event held each year. If you choose to give to the Sponsorship Program, all your money will be used for that. In the past we couldn't offer you a convenient way to donate on our website, now we can!

The Breakdown
We thought long and hard about this… and then we got a headache. So we made it simple. Individuals wishing to make convenient online donations using the online form below can still make a donation to the NMCBC by simply rolling up the handling fees into your donation. With this simple breakdown, we hope you choose to roll up your donation so that the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee can continue to thrive.

Want to do a quick calculation to know how much to add to your donation amount? We are charged 2.2% + .30 cents on each online transaction. Here's a quick chart to show you how much to make your total donation so that 100% of your donation comes from you, and does not have to be supplemented by the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee:
Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator  Donate This Amount 
For the NMCB Committee to receive $50 donation (after fees) a person would have to send us:  $51.43
For the NMCB Committee to receive $100 donation (after fees) a person would have to send us:  $102.56
For the NMCB Committee to receive $160 donation (after fees) a person would have to send us: $163.91
For the NMCB Committee to receive $200 donation (after fees) a person would have to send us:  $204.81
For the NMCB Committee to receive $250 donation (after fees) a person would have to send us:  $255.93
 For more calculations you can do on your own, visit here. Remember to enter the 2.2% rate for our non-profit status.

Online donating not your thing? Give us a call at the office, we would love to talk to you.

If you are a corporation or an organization, please call our office at 202-889-8112. 

Please note: when making a donation over the phone you may pay using the following two types of credit cards only, MasterCard or Visa.

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* Mandatory fields
If you are Active Duty, please select N/A as your Prefix. If you are a service member and when addressed you wish to use your Military title please select N/A as your Prefix. All corresponding information is gathered in the fields that follow.
*First name
Please note if you are filling this out for the qualifying attendee, please fill in their information as the primary, and yourself as the guest.
*Last name
If you are Military skip to Branch of Service. All others if applicable please enter the corporation or organization you represent.
Job Title
Military affiliation and rank are captured elsewhere. All others, if applicable, please enter job title e.g. President, Director of Sales and Marketing, Operations East Coast, etc.
*Qualifying Status
Qualifying Information
If you have entered your 'Qualifying Status' as Civilian Guest, please use this provided area to enter the name of the person acting as your sponsor. Name: First/Last, Branch of Service, Rank, or Organization, Contact: email and phone number.
It's advised that you DO NOT use a .mil email address, but rather a non-government address. Reservation confirmation will be sent to the email address provided. Only enter the Primary Contacts email address.There is NO need for guest email addresses.
*Primary Phone Number
e.g. xxx-xxx-xxxx
If you use your mobile/cell number as your primary contact number please enter the number here.
POC Fax number
e.g. VA (please use the two letter all capitalization abbreviation for the state)
*Zip Code
Note or Comment
If you have a note or comment that you would like to leave for the Reservations Chair please do so here. Thank you, and see you soon!


*Amount ($USD)
- NMCBC = Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee
- By contributing to the Sponsorship Program you are helping to underwrite the cost for Junior Enlisted Sailors and Marines and United States Naval Academy Midshipmen and ROTC to attend the Ball.
If you would like to split your donation between NMCBC and the Sponsorship program simply leave us a note in the comment field as to how you would like the split. We will apply the funds accordingly. Thank you.

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